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Support Us

There are several ways you can support our registered charity:
◾ make a one-off or ongoing donation. You may decide to make a regular, set donation or you may prefer to make a one-off donation 
◾ workplace giving — you can support a charity through automatic deductions from your salary. If your employer has a workplace giving scheme your donation can be deducted from your pay and sent directly
◾ leave a bequest in your will. Contact us directly to discuss your plans
◾ get involved. Instead of a cash donation, you could contribute by donating goods that can be used or resold to put towards projects, volunteer your time or even your skills or expertise
◾ sponsorship — It is easy to sponsor a horse or other animal in care. Regular donations can mean they move through the rehab process at the quickest speed. Give a personal touch to a resident's life and we will keep you updated on their progress. 

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