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There are many areas where your talents can be of benefit to FFF, from website development, promotion and social media, to more hands on roles like looking after animals in care. 


We will support you to develop skills in the area you'd like to volunteer. We can guide you through running our digital assets, creating our quarterly newsletter  and responding to enquiries. If hands on is more your style, you'll be trained to groom horses, basic wound treatment and tack and gear maintenance. These valuable skills look great on your CV. 


If you have these skills or would like to learn them, get in touch, we will be glad to welcome you to the Foster Farms family.


Help From Home

  • Moderators are always required for our digital platforms including this website, our Facebook group, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Keep horse records.


With the Horses
  • Experienced equine handlers are needed to make sure our friends get their stimulation and exercise. Lunge them, riding exercises or for a roadside walk and graze.

  • Horse trainers are sought after to help us move the rescues from rehabilitation and re-training to re-homing. Training is to achieve horse-human harmony.


In the Field
  • Paddock workers can help with maintenance such as fencing, mucking out, mowing and building shelters.

  • Horse gear maintenance.


  • Motivated coordinators for fundraisers are needed — arrange prizes for raffles or join us to sell tickets. 

  • Source auction items and moderate the auction process in our Facebook group

  • A position is available to attract sponsorship for our rescues and create exclusive content for existing sponsors.

Image by Bethany Cirlincione
Image by Clark Tibbs

Why Volunteer? 

Contribute to Community

Be the change you want to see — directly impact on the growth of our community and a range of other positive outcomes. Drive opportunity and growth. Your contribution as a volunteer provides community strength and support.

Self Fulfilment and Satisfaction

Achieve self-fulfilment by contributing to something bigger than yourself, helping others, and making a positive contribution to society overall. Volunteering is greatly rewarding and provides the opportunity to fulfil a range of personal goals and achieve satisfaction in daily life.

Image by Benjamin Wedemeyer
Expanding Connections

Volunteers are connected by the same desire to contribute, give and support the community. You will find your place and be valued for who you are and your contribution. New networks and connections often lead to more opportunities both within and outside of volunteering.

Crowd Cheering
Maslow’s Hierarchy — a model for volunteering impacts and benefits

Abraham Maslow developed a model that is still used today to explain human needs and theories of what motivates us and why. Maslow’s hierarchy can be used to explain the motivation and human needs that can be fulfilled by volunteering. Once basic needs are met, the pyramid moves to higher needs that enable feelings of meaning and achievement in life's purpose.

Learning New Skills

Develop your knowledge and new skills — these can be used to further your volunteering practice, make you more employable and contribute to overall life skills. Volunteering in an ever-changing environment puts you in a constant state of learning and growth. Learn about yourself, volunteer roles and responsibilities, other volunteers and the community.

Plant Presentation

Check out TAFE Queensland's Volunteers and Events Training Program —developed to provide free training and study tours for volunteer and event organisers. 

The program provides event support skills to create and deliver events and builds resilience. Offered both online and face-to-face, the program covers:

  • Orientation: provides participants with information on their role in volunteering and a foundation in site safety and induction processes

  • Resilience: introduces resilience concepts and a range of practical tips on how it can be established and supported

  • Leadership: introduces a range of leadership styles and provides advice on how leadership can be applied in a team context.
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Feel free to contact with any questions — even if not volunteering related, we love to hear from you.


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