There are many areas where your talents can be untilized from running the website, facebook page and designing other promotional material to ground work or riding the horses in care.


We have plenty of support to help you if you want to volunteer but dont have the skills in the area you want to help with.  We can guide you through running the webpage, manning the phone and emails, even brushing the horses and dressing wounds or even cleaning gear we can help you learn these skills and you could add these to your resume. 


If you have or want to learn these skills then please shoot us and email or follow us on face book ( sue fosterfarm) and well find you a position.


Horses need help with the following areas

IN THE OFFICE: Can be done at home.

webpage maintance

office managers



keep horse records

equine exerciser (lunging, trail rides, taking along roadside for grazing etc)

horse trainers



paddock workers (fencing, mucking out, mowing etc.)

shelters need building

horse gear maintance 


​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

Feel free to contact with any questions you may have.  Even if its not volunteering related we just love to have you contact us.