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Sponsorship of one of our rescue animals can make all the difference in their lives, enabling them to move through the rehabilitation process and transition to a new home at the quickest speed. 

Giving a personal touch to a rescue animal's journey by becoming a sponsor is easy. We realise that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to sponsorship, and we're happy to be flexible and work with you to personalise your package to suit.

We encourage individuals and businesses to consider once-off sponsorship of an event, recurring sponsorship of a rescue of your preference or ongoing general sponsorship of FFF. 


We welcome any and all contributions and in return, we will promote your sponsorship in the following ways:

  • your logo on our Home page with link to your own site

  • your name/business name on your sponsored rescue or sponsored event

  • promotion on our social channels including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

  • exclusive updates on your rescue

  • your literature at our events. 

Think sponsorship might be for you?

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