Peti provides companionship to Tilly — an older mare who is ex-FFF and very fond of him. 

Peti leads a very happy life and is very proud of his good looks, despite only having one eye. 



Peppy is an experienced 15yo mare who needs a kind, quiet but confident rider to keep her listening. She is mischievous and forward moving with a very sensitive mouth. Peppy has responded well to leg aids and is an easy keeper. Bit-less is her preferred style. If you think you can give Miss Peppy the right home, please come meet her.


This little chestnut mare was impounded at Mareeba Animal Refuge. When no one came to claim her, she was put up for auction. After a conversation with the ladies from Feathers and Fur who were also looking out for her, FFF secured her future and she came home to the farm for assessment.

Christened Penny, she was initially quiet when in a pen, very frightened and non-trusting of humans when they enter.

We continue to build trust with Penny and she is focusing on her health.
Thankfully, Penny has been fortunate to secure a sponsor to support her through rehabilitation. We are confident that with her nature, she will make a great programs pony. 



A sweet Arab mare and a bit hot like most are, the world is a scary place so Phoenix says. She is 14 years old and 15hh. She is undergoing investigation on the sacroiliac join and we need x-rays for her to assess if she is sound.



Beauty has come into care because of issues with being caught and handled that her previous owner was not experienced enough to help her with. While she isn't quite living up to the potential of her name just yet, we know she will fit right in and blossom. Beauty is seeking a sponsor to help her get the dental work she needs done as quickly as possible.



Mia is a cracking little brumby mare standing at roughly 14.2hh.

She has heaves, which can be likened to asthma in humans. She is allergic to mold and cannot eat hay. Mia is a lovely ride with absolutely no nasties. She adores being fussed over and has taught many children to ride. Mia will remain with FFF as part of our community based programs. 



Buddy is a handsome chestnut thoroughbred that needs to learn some strategies for his anxiety as he can be hot under saddle.

You may notice his sweat patches; Buddy suffers from hypo-hydrosis (also know as anhidrosis) meaning he does not sweat properly, so cannot shed heat. We will be treating this with frequency therapy, acupuncture and homeopathics. We are working with Buddy on self-control, health and happiness to give him the best chances for rehoming. 

His treatments are working well, now we must check how he goes in the summer to be sure he is shedding heat through sweat like any other horse.

Regular donations could help Buddy move through rehabilitation and retraining at a quicker space. Would you like to give a personal touch to his journey and become a sponsor? 

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Monty is the last Riding for the Disabled Association horse and is here for life. We welcome anyone that has spent time with him to come with goodies bag in hand to visit him.

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