Snickers is a special little boy. So far he has passed going out alone, leading off another horse, riding with others and floating. He was trained to cart but has taken well to saddle. Once Snickers can transition to canter calmly and confidently, he will be ready for adoption. Snickers is very safe on the ground and never shows anger. At only 12.2hh, he would suit a confident rider who is 45kg or less and has time to build trust with him as he lacks confidence himself.



Peppy is an experienced 15yo mare who needs a kind, quiet but confident rider to keep her listening. She is mischievous and forward moving with a very sensitive mouth. Peppy has responded well to leg aids and is an easy keeper. Bit-less is her preferred style. If you think you can give Miss Peppy the right home, please come meet her.



This is one stunning young man — over 16hh and 10 years old. Archie came in with a torn tendon from racing and has healed well. He windsucks but this doesn't affect his weight. He will be assessed under saddle and is looking for a loving home seeking eye candy and style. He likes routine and arena work rather than trails. If you think Archie might like living with you then come start bonding with him now and help with his rehabilitation.



Mia is a cracking little brumby mare standing at roughly 14.2hh.

She has heaves, which can be likened to asthma in humans. She is allergic to mold and cannot eat hay. Mia is a lovely ride with absolutely no nasties. She adores being fussed over and has taught many children to ride. Mia will remain with FFF and when we have gotten her nice and healthy, she will be available for lease for a sponsorship fee. This package includes agistment, in-house medical treatments, weight maintenance feeding, use of gear and facilities. 

Could you be interested in this arrangement but want to know more?  



Buddy the chestnut thoroughbred needs to learn some manners as he can be hot under saddle.

You may notice his sweat patches; Buddy suffers from hypohidrosis (also know as anhidrosis) meaning he can not sweat so cannot shed heat. We will be treating this with frequency therapy, acupuncture and homeopathics. Once we have worked with Buddy on self-control, and he is healthy and happy, he will be available for re-homing. 

Regular donations could help Buddy move through rehabilitation and retraining at a quicker space. Would you like to give a personal touch to his journey and become a sponsor? 

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