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Our Story

Charlie was abandoned at only 18 months old at an agistment property. He was just turned out as land owners could not find the owner.  He had not seen other horses for five years when the property sold.

He faced being shot where he stood, with no one wanting an unhandled, 18HH thoroughbred.

FFF came to the rescue. We had to walk the farm to find him and load him on a truck to bring him home. 

His feet had not been done for years and were huge. He was so excited to see another horse, he had thought he was the only one left on the planet.


Charlie was so kind hearted and easy to work with and ride. We successfully re-homed him to a home daycare and became their mascot. He was a big, gentle giant who loved kids and would suck on their hair if they stood too close to the fence. 

Charlie was the start of the FFF story, but it doesn't end there. Read more about how you can support us in our rehabilitation, retraining and rehoming endeavours. 


Charlie was relieved to find out he wasn't the last horse left on the planet after all. 


Sue and Charlie. 

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