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Equine Fecal Tests

Do you know what is really going on inside your horse? 

Veterinarians are using SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Tests to simply and accurately diagnose throughout the entire equine digestive tract. 

This tool is non-invasive and inexpensive and can catch minor problems before they become major issues.

Director Brooke Jones has very generously donated 40 kits. So using these kits can tell you "if gut health is keeping your good horse from being great", GET IN TOUCH with us today! 

Share with us in FNQ Foster Farms Group Auction your horse's story and how you think this test might help them. We will chose the best and most worthy. 

Once the testing period concludes and stocks run out, we'll publish a study on our findings. 


Fecal Blood Test Training
Digestive Conditioning Program Training

"At clinics I teach around the world, it always amazes me how quickly riders can improve their posture and balance when they ride with a garrocha" — Steve Halfpenny  

In this free online garrocha workshop you'll learn the Spanish history of the garrocha, why it’s so useful to improve your posture and where you can get one. Steve shares how he uses the garrocha to improve the balance and posture of many riders at his clinics.

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