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In 2015, after five years of being the only horse on the property, Charlie, an 18 hand, Thoroughbred, gelding was rescued and brought into FNQ Foster Farms (FFF), where he then realised he wasn’t the only horse left on the planet.

Charlie’s feet had not been done for years, and as he had been abandoned as a youngster, he had barely any handling. FFF got to work, organising vetting, and starting the rehabilitation and training process as he was healing.

Once Charlie was ready for adoption, he caught the eye of a local home day care and found himself a wonderful home.

We have since heard that he loves the kids and will lick their hair if they stand too close to the fence!

Charlie wasn't technically the first rescue for FFF, but due to the resources needed for his care after rescue, we can really thank Charlie for turning the FFF dream into a reality.

Here at FNQ Foster Farms, our mission is to reduce neglect, abuse and abandonment and increase the human/animal understanding through education so that rehoming outcomes are improved and humans have better relationships and purpose for the animals in their lives.

Our values

  • Support — shaping better human and animal relationships

  • Education — to reduce abuse, neglect and abandonment

  • Integrity — consistent honesty and transparency

  • Natural Grazing — interconnection with land, animals, people and plants, regenerating life for all

  • Community — giving back in return for the support received


We are a very small team, who work hard.

Our biggest need at the moment is financial assistance to continue to give the very best care to the animals in our care. Due to the risks associated with working with a large number of horses, and the time it takes to train volunteers, we aren’t looking for any further volunteers at this stage.


Please consider adopting, donating or becoming a sponsor to help FNQ Foster Farms continue to work towards our mission.


Charlie introducing his horse friend to his human friend.


Charlie a valued member of the herd


Daisy pig and Shawn the lamb selfie time!


Phoenix having a laugh at the price of hay!

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