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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do people surrender animals?

A. We offer a save haven for animals excluding cats, dogs and bats, without questions or judgement. We understand that circumstances change and people can experience financial setbacks. Animals are often surrendered because they've come from uneducated or abusive homes. 

Q. What is one of the best ways to help?

A. Volunteer your time, sponsor a rescue, donate goods for our auction group, donate directly to our feed bill at Tableland Fertilizer and share our content on social media to help us raise awareness. 

Q. Do you have beginner horses available for adoption? 

A. This is our most commonly asked question. Because we specialise in off-the-track thoroughbreds, the answer is usually no. We do have some fantastic candidates for adoption who would benefit from time spent with them to build a relationship. 

Q. How do you select homes? 

A. We recommend taking part in our roadside walking and spending time with our rescues. We're pretty good at match-making and we'll be able to determine which candidates are a good fit for your personality, lifestyle and living arrangments. Just ask us! 

Q. Can I come ride the horses? 

A. Another one of our most popular questions! While we do appreciate experienced riders exercising the equines, there are many other ways to get your hands dirty that take priority i.e. helping with feeds, mucking out, grooming and maintaining gear, shelters and fences.

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