• We specialise in the re-training and re-homing of "off the track thoroughbreds" (OTTTs) for a new career after racing. We take them from the strict regiment of racing to the more laidback civilian life and introduce them to a new career.

  • We offer a safe haven for all horses and livestock when the current family can't.  

  • We support a holistic approach to health-management.  Acupuncture, natural veterinary care and barefoot trimming  is only part of what our 24/7 natural living modality prescribes. Our environment is as natural as possible; this reduces stress and makes for happier, healthier companions.

  • We provide a community service that offers temporary support to livestock and horse owners enabling them to maintain the needs of their stock through financial setbacks.


  • The Foster Farms Organization recognizes that we are not a national organization. Therefore, we will always promote other rescue organizations from all over the country so that people may find a placement when a rescue is needed, close to their home. We also keep a “private selling list” and a “people looking to buy list”.


 What do we do!

Want a horse in your family?

Programs we offer

On our programs page, you will find what information and training we offer as part of our fundraising. For example:

  • Reduce Abuse and Neglect: proper care for animals

  • Supplements: how and when to use them

  • Second-hand Riding Gear: a buyers guide

  • Herbal and Homeopathic Treatments at Home

  • New Pony in the Family


We pride ourselves in offering something in return for your support.  All the money raised from our programs is put back into FNQ Foster Farms.  


FNQ Foster Farms is a registered non-profit organisation for equine and livestock. We only exclude cats, dogs, bats and roosters.

As a charitable organisation, we need help from YOU to achieve our goal to protect and promote animal-welfare.  

SO, how can YOU help? We have a wide range of tasks to offer volunteers, including non-animal contact positions. Go to our volunteer page for more details.

To adopt, sponsor or foster a horse is easy.  We offer a novice starter pack for those who have always wanted a horse, but have little or no previous experience in horse ownership.   

Where our fundraising goes...
Some on arrival

Our little fixer-upper. We will get our 10 thousand steps in when we mow the paddocks now. The best way to get good grass is to keep it slashed.  So this baby will do it slowly....

Wonderful job from one of our hoof trimmers.

Much needed hay and hard feed

poor horses

All after graduation



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